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25 – 28 May 2023
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CSI Prague Arena – 28. 5. 2023 – Competition CSIY-A – Grand Prix – 1.45 m 1st place: Adam Písařík – Danilo (CZE) 2nd place: Anna Helebrantová – Cikaddo (CZE) 3rd place: Petra Pařenicová – Evergreen P (CZE) Číst více...
CSI Prague Arena – 28. 5. 2023 – Competition CSICh-A – Grand Prix – 1.30 m 1st place: Václav Humplík – Kinshasa de Goedereede (CZE) 2nd place: Albert Písařík – Concerto Mio (CZE) 3rd place: Adriana Hakrová – Ben Hur (CZE) Číst více...

Chuchle Arena Prague

The well-known horse racing course was founded in 1906 and nowadays this traditional sports venue has been redesigned as a multifunctional area of horse sports. It is undergoing major modernization and is also becoming an important place on the map of Czech riding. The first full show jumping season took place here in 2019.
For show jumping competitions there is a 100 × 60 meters arena and two workplaces of 70 × 35 meters and 60 × 25 meters (white sand surface with geotextile), racers can also use a 2,5 km long sand oval. The area has a riding hall and comfortable stables, accommodation can be booked in a hotel located inside the grandstand.