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Preparation continues for CSI2*-W Prague Arena and CSIO3* C-E-T Prague Cup

Preparations are well underway for the two international show jumping events scheduled for late April and early May. The World Cup CSI Prague Arena will be held from April 29th to May 2nd and the CSIO3* CET Prague Cup from May 6th to 9th. The CSI2*-W Prague Arena event will this year be organised by the V Team Prague, and CSIO3* C-E-T Prague Cup will once again be organised by the Czech Equestrian Team.

Both major international show-jumping events should take place despite complications caused by the COVID-19 virus and the equine EHV-1 herpesvirus infection. “We are setting up strict sanitary measures that will apply to riders and equip members as well as their horses. We are finalising a request for an exception that needs to be obtained from the relevant authorities for us to organise these two major events. Hopefully, the exception will be issued, as the competitions contribute to qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games; several sports events, like the IBU World Cup Biathlon and other sports events have been permitted recently. We believe that we will be able to organise our events in a similar mode adhering to strict sanitary requirements defined by health authorities, and we are also hopeful that some of the lockdown measures will be lifted by then,” said Markéta Šveňková, Sports Director of Chuchle Arena Prague and Event Director.

Šveňková continued: “These show jumping events will be very important for many riders who still need to meet the MER (the Minimum Eligibility Requirements) or verify their results for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Riders will also have a chance to earn points to qualify for the European and World Championships.”

18 competitions will be held during the first week. There will be three tours in the CSI2*-W: Silver, Gold and Diamond; CSI1* will include the Small and Big Tour and there will also be CSIYH1* competition for six and seven-year-old horses. Each of the tours will consist of three competitions held over three days. The main CSI2* Diamond Tour will start on Thursday afternoon at 140/145cm, it will continue on Friday at 145cm and culminate with the Sunday Grand Prix competition, which is a World Cup, with the hights of obstacles 1.4 m to 1.6 m. “The total prize money will be EUR 91,000 out of which EUR 30,000 will be allocated to the Grand Prix that will be the closing competition of the first week,” said the Event Director.

Many of the riders will stay in the Chuchle Arena Prague for the next event, held from May 6th to 9th. The event will consist of 16 competitions. As well as  lower CSI1* and CSIYH1* class competitions, there will be three CSI3* tours: Silver, Gold and Diamond. There will be four competitions in the highest tour. The competitions will start at 1. 45 m on Thursday and continue with the Nations Cup on Friday, then up to 1.50 m on Saturday to climax with Sunday’s Grand Prix Czech Equestrian Team “The total prize money is EUR 210,900; EUR 45,000 will be divided among riders in the Nations Cup and the prize money for the Grand Prix will be EUR 51,000,” added Markéta Šveňková.

Both events will be broadcast on TV and online.

(Photo by Tomáš Holcbecher)